About Launis

The company has its roots in the Danish food culture and we are proud
of our products and recipes. Many of the recipes have followed Launis
since the company was established on 26th April 1958 by Laurits Nielsen
and the son Villy. Incidentally the name Launis is a contraction of Laurits
Nielsen and Son. Launis is 100% family-owned Danish company. 

Today, the third generation of the Nielsen family runs the company.

Launis has production and manufacturing facilities covering a total of
28.000 m², head office and production facilities in Aalbæk and production
facilities in Skagen. The factories are in central locations near fishing
harbours and infrastructure, which is essential for an effective
distribution system.

Launis currently has around 130 experienced employees who make sure
that old virtues like reliability, quality and efficiency are maintained for
the benefit of both the Danish and the international market. 

Clear strategy: Values as new thinking, experienced employees and high
quality which were the leading pillars back in 1958 when the company
was established will also in the future be the hallmark of the company.


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