Our history

In 1935, the family Laurits Nielsen moved from Venø to the most northern
town of Denmark, Skagen. Laurits worked as a fisherman until 1939, where
the company Laurits Nielsens Fiskeeksport was founded. As a former fisherman, 
he had a “nose” for quality and business. The fish were bought and sold in
Denmark and abroad. Little by little, business expanded.

The good idea
Villy Nielsen, who worked in fish purchase, also assisted his farther in the business.
He noticed an increasing interest for lobster claws, which were actually considered
a waste-product. Therefore they decided to establish a production of the meat from
the lobster claws, which then was sold as a delicacy on export market.


A quick decision
Immediately, they started looking for a suitable location and found a renovated barn,
about 20 km south of Skagen. The building, situated in the middle of the town,
suited the need for space. Without much time for reflection, they bought the building
and the land included for approx. DKK 11.000 = € 1470.
Probably people wondered; “Why in Aalbæk?“I was also a bit worried in the beginning
but once the production was running, I was convinced of success”. That was, what one
of the founders of Launis, Villy Nielsen, said.
With only a handful of skilled women and a resourcefull man to help, a healthy business
was established.

From lobsters to prawns
There was only one problem about the idea with the lobster claws: Suddenly the fishermen
didn’t catch any lobster! Challenged by no available raw materials and a new, not producing
factory, they decided to buy a consignment of prawns instead – and the sale was quite good.
Therefore, Laurits Nielsen & Son, which the factory was also called, started to produce fresh
peeled prawns in brine.
During the sixties, the minimum size of lobsters was dramatically reduced and peeling the
meat of the lobsters was no longer profitable. Therefore, the core product turned into being
fresh peeled prawns in brine instead.
Only 3 years after production-start in Aalbæk, a second production of prawns was opened in
the village Taars, close to Hjørring. 

The first prawn peeling machine
In 1967, the company Laurits Nielsen & Son, was converted to Launis Fiskekonserves.
At the same time the first prawn peeling machine was installed in the factory.
Production increased and soon it was necessary to secure more capacity in Aalbæk.
In 1966 the number of workers, employed in the the two factories, had increased
to 160. Approx. 3000 kg hand peeled prawns were produced a day. As a comparison,
today only 20 workers produce approx. 6000 kg – of course with help from machines.



The development increases
1973 was a milestone for Launis. The company name was changed to Launis
Fiskekonserves A/S and yet another expansion was necessary.
For various reason however, only five years later – in 1978 – the new Launis
factory on Industrivej in Aalbæk, was opened. At the same time, herring production
was started in the old factory on Læsøvej.

The following years, evolved the company. Gert Nielsen returned to Denmark after
some years abroad and joined the company in 1982. The new factory was further
expanded and production of caviar and fish terrines began.
Production of prawns, herring, caviar and fish terrines was now placed at the address
Industrivej Nord in Aalbæk.

In 1994, the production of prawns was re-located to a new factory in Skagen. Today
Launis fresh peeled prawns and other products in brine are all produced in Skagen.
The first frying installation for fish cakes was initiated in 2010 and yet a new product
as a reality; our famous, Danish fish cakes.

Quality and taste is the main thread
Throughout the years, the strong sense of quality and professionalism has been the
core value in the company history. We have always taken pride in producing products
of high quality with delicious taste. No matter if producing prawns, herring, caviar fish
terrines or fish cakes, fine raw materials, the exquisite recipes and the uncompromising
high quality will always be our trade mark.
Our location. close to one of the biggest harbors in Denmark, gives us easy access to
steady supply of fresh raw materials. This is the foundation of continuous growth and
development of the company.






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