Our raw material

The consumer can never doubt our quality and safety, when sourcing products
from Launis. As manufacturer, it is our responsibility, to secure through the best
raw materials and production processes, homogenized and high quality products.
Therefore, we always focus on food safety – all the way through the chain; from
sea to table.

In order to secure the quality of our products, we have our own in-house labora-
tory and quality department. We continuously adjust and develop our quality
system. All processes are carefully described and all stages in the process can be
traced to the daily receipt of raw materials and until the final products leave the

Based on HACCP-principles, thorough analyses and controls (testing biological,
chemical and physical hazards) are carried out in all chains of the production

All of the Launis products are IFS certified

We focus on sustainable seafood. You will find a wide range of our products are
MSC certified. Following the MSC-guidelines (Marine Stewardship Council) we
ensure access to fish and shellfish also for our children, and theirs.





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