“Christmas herring of the year”

Since year 2000  it has been a tradition at Launis to announce the
“Christmas herring of the year”.
In order to achive the highest quality, months are put into the effort
developing the best result. In spring we ask 10 chefs from different
hotels and restaurants throughout the country to participate in this
competition. The raw herring filets, chosen by our quality manager,
is introduced to the chefs, who then start their own, individual creation
of the “Christmas herring”

The top-3 creations participate in the competition of winning the 1st
price at the annual Santa Claus World convention at the amusement
park Bakken in Copenhagen. The winner of“Christmas herring of the
year” is chosen by the “Danish Santa Claus Association”.

We are convinced, that “Santa Claus”, in cooperation with the chefs,
is the most qualified to chose the “Christmas herring” – and every
year we are looking forward to announcing the new winner

The winners:

  • 2017 Marcus Gunnarson, Deltek
  • 2016 Jakob Brønd, Fazer Foodservices A/S
  • 2015 Jan Blæsbjerg Boesen, Deltak Kantinen
  • 2014 Jakob Brønd, Fazer Foodservices A/S
  • 2013 Jakob Brønd, Fazer Foodservices A/S
  • 2012 Ture Lyhne, Sabro Kro
  • 2011 Katja Capion & Charlie Heglund, Fazer Foodservices A/S
  • 2010 Henning Kohl, Schackenborg Slotshotel
  • 2009 Ole Mathiesen, Hotel Frederiksdal
  • 2008 Morten Bruhn-Kristensen, Maconomy A/S
  • 2007 Ture Lyhne, Marselis Hotel
  • 2006 Jesper C. Winter, Skagen Fiskerestaurant
  • 2005 Mogens Nielsen, Bindslev Hotel
  • 2004 Lars Tømmerby, Restaurant Messen Skallerup Klit
  • 2003 Henning Jensen, Kokke- og Tjenerskolen
  • 2002 Lars Bendtsen, Restaurant Jeckels
  • 2001 Kasper Nielsen, Brøndums Hotel
  • 2000 René Amtkjær Møller, Brøndums Hotel


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