Launis Prawns

Launis shrimps are caught in Skagerrak, a sea between Denmark and Norway.
Launis has 10 – 15 fishing boats, which provide fresh supplies to our factory in
Skagen, on a daily basis. The entire process, from the shrimp reaches the factory
until it is peeled, is done in 5-10 minutes. The prawns are cooked, peeled and put
into brine,- everything in one process. Only in this way it’s possible to keep the
fresh taste of the prawns, the beautiful colour and the firm consistency. 

The size and the colour of the prawns are depending of the season and therefore
you might see a difference from bucket to bucket. The taste and the quality is
however the same.

At Launis, we focus on sustainable seafood. Following the MSC-guidelines
(Marine Stewardship Council), we ensure access to fish and shellfish also for our
children, and theirs.
Therefore, we are proud to announce that the Skagerrak Prawn, used in the brands
“Launis Skagen Prawns” and “Northsea Prawns”, has been MSC certified in May 2016.

 Meet some of our local fishing boats via Skagen Gourmet Prawns.





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