Freshpeeled Danish prawns


Species: Pandalus Borealis, Danish origin

Every single day, 10-12 local fishermen ensure that we get fresh deep-sea prawns caught in Skagerrak delivered to our factory in Skagen.

Here, the prawns are immediately cooked, peeled and put in brine – all in one process. Only this way, we preserve the prawns’ fresh taste, beautiful color and firm texture.

The size and color of the prawns depends on the season, and therefore you can experience a variation from time to time. However, the good taste and high quality are always the same.

Launis is the only producer in Denmark that peels shrimp and makes products from shrimp without the shrimp having been frozen. It makes all the difference – and creates a unique product from Launis, for you.

The fishery in Skagerrak is MSC-certified and all residual products from production are sustainably recycled.

Launis Skagen prawns have, among other things, won a Gold Medal and an Honorary Award at the International Food Contest.

Caught in Skagerrak og Kattegat (FAO27.3A)