Large Warmwater Prawns


Species: Penaeus vannamei

Our farmed warm water prawns come from selected producers in Southeast Asia who, like us, put quality and the environment first. The prawns are raised under controlled conditions and without the use of antibiotics, to then be cooked and hand-peeled in the associated factories.

Due to its size, texture and colour, the warmwater prawn is an exciting alternative to the more traditional cold water prawns.

We recommend warmwater prawns for various hot, salty dishes, such as on pizza, in pasta or even in your Mexican tortilla. The prawns are also good in Asian dishes or marinated in garlic on the grill.

We offer warm water prawns in the following packages:

In brine:

90g to 6500g drained weight

As MAP (modified atmospheric packing) in transparent trays:

80g to 800g net weight


Raised in Southeast Asia