Shrimp cocktail

with lobster mayo, pickled mustard seeds, pickled red onions, pickled white asparagus and field salad


– 500 g cold water shrimps

Lobster mayo
– 50 g lobster stock
– 50 g tomato compote
– 50 g egg yolks
– 20 g white wine vinegar

blend together and blend 350 g of neutral oil a little at a time.

Pickled red onion
– 5 red onions are peeled and cut into thin boats.

Jam made
– 250 g of vinegar
– 250 g of sugar
– 250 g of water
– 20 g of salt

Bring to the boil and pour over, the onions are ready after 12 hours.

Pickled white asparagus
– 500 g peeled white asparagus

Jam make
– 350 g apple cider vinegar
– 350 g sugar
– 350 g of water
– 50 g tarragon (fresh)
– 10 g salt + 4 bay leaves

The layer is boiled and poured over the white asparagus, they should soak for 24 hours.

Pickled mustard seeds
– 50 g of mustard grains
– 200 g of vinegar
– 50 g of water

Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 days.

Smily quail eggs
Boil water with a lot of salt in, put the eggs in and cook them for 2 min and 32 sec, pour cold water on with it and they are ready to be peeled.


Put some Feldsalad on the bottom of a scallop shell, spread 60 g chile prawns around the peel, garnish now with
cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, mustard seeds and asparagus, lobster mayo is sprayed in small blobs round on
top of the prawns.