Shrimp on ryebread

with pickled quail eggs, pickled roasted onions, herb mayo and toasted bread


– 300g cold water shrimps

Cold water shrimp
– Pickled quail eggs 18 pcs

boil quail get for 2 min and 32 sec, now cool it down with cold water, when the egg is cold press the shell lightly so it
crackles, the eggs are now laid in dark soy for at least 24 hours, preferably up to 10 days.

Pickled roasted onions
3 zittauer onions are cut lengthwise, peeled and fried on a hot dry pan. Now cut off the root of the onion.
Jam made
– 300 g of water
– 300 g sugar
– 300 g of vinegar
– 20 g of salt
and possibly a little pickled herbs if you wish.

1- boil it all up and pour the hot brine over the roasted onions, let them stand for at least 2 days, they can stay
refrigerated for 3 months.

Urte mayo
– 20 g tarragon
– 20 g parsley
– 20 g chives
– 20 g dill
– 180 g neutral oil

1- The whole thing is blended and heated up to 70 degrees for 5 min, must stand and pull for 24 hours.
2- Sift the oil and place it in the freezer, after 3-5 hours the water in the bottom is frozen and the oil can now be poured off.

– 30 g egg yolk
– 30 g apple cider vinegar
– 5 g salt

Stir together

– 180 g of herbal oil is now added a little at a time while whipping in the egg mass until all the oil has been whipped in.
If you want a firmer mayo, you can whip in more neutral oil to the desired consistency.


Toast some bread in butter on the pan, put 1-2 leaves of heart salad on top and 75 g cold water prawns, peel 2
pickled quail eggs and divide them in half, they are placed on the prawns with the yolk up, 2 pickled onions both set
up by the shrimp food, now spray the herbal mayo in small blobs down into the lies and around the shrimp, garnish
with dill and a lemon boat.