Madagascar prawns


Species: Penaeus monodon

Our farmed Madagascar shrimp live in very natural conditions, which means that there are only between 5 and 10 shrimp per square meters in the ponds, which are spread over more than 1,600 hectares. Due to the limited density, it really is a unique niche product, of which there is also only a very small annual quantity.

The shrimps are bread according to all the rules of the art to protect the environment and the sensitive ecosystem. In addition, the shrimp mainly feed on the natural feed that the water brings with it, and feed is only supplemented as needed. The supplied feed is exclusively made from natural fish and plant parts, without the use of either GMOs or antibiotics.

Our supplier, in collaboration with a large environmental organization, is making a huge effort to improve the ecosystem in Madagascar. Both mangroves and forests are planted on the island.

If you want a taste experience out of the ordinary, then it is our luxury Madagascar prawns that you should choose. We recommend the Madagascar prawn for tapas, snacks, starters or even in a main course, as it is very meaty.

We offer Madagascar prawns in the following packages:

As MAP (modified atmospheric packing) in transparent trays:

80 to 800 grams net weight


Raised in Madagascar in the Western Indian Ocean. (FAO nr. 51)